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Learn How to Coach

Learning the Empowerment Coaching Process and Skills

Empowerment Coaching Training

A highly interactive, discovery based learning experience that will guide you through the 7 key elements of the coaching conversation as you learn and practice the 11 Empowerment Coaching skills.  You learn to coach best by coaching. During the 16-hour training, you will apply and practice what you are  learning in 10 practice coaching sessions.


   •   2-day Classroom training held in West Michigan and other locations as scheduled.

Applying, Practicing, and Mastering your Empowerment Coaching Skills

6-Week Online Coaching Practicum

For those who have completed the Empowerment Coaching Training and want to continue improving their Empowerment Coaching skills in a variety of situations.  

Practicums are conducted once a week for 6 weeks using a telephone bridgeline.  Participants
work in groups of 3 or 4 with a Mentor Coach.

12-Week Online Excellence in Coaching Training

 For those who have complete the Empowerment Coaching Training plus at least one Practicum and
 want to significantly upgrade their coaching competency, including being able to lead other coaches
 in their organization.

The program includes 6 bi-weekly online 90-minute Coaching Skill Workshops,
6 bi-weekly Coaching Practicum sessions, 5 individual sessions with a Mentor
Coach, and a final exam.

12-Week Certified Professional Empowerment Coach Training

For those who have completed the Excellence in Coaching (EIC) training and want to expand and deepen their coaching competency to become recognized as a professional coach.

CPEC provides the combination of knowledge building, skill development, supervised practice coaching, and actual coaching experience which assures that each graduate has demonstrated their competency to coach at a professional level.

The training includes 6 by-weekly online 90-minute Workshops, 6 bi-weekly online
Coaching Practicum sessions, 40 hours of formal coaching, a final oral and written
exam, and a personal Mentor Coach to guide and support each certification candidate
throughout the program.

If you want to speak with someone regarding any of this training,
please call Tim Cosby – (616) 443-9190 – or use our Contact Form.

Empowerment Coaching Training Coaching Practicum Excellence In Coaching Certified Empowerment Coach

Coach Training


In Coaching

Certified Professional Empowerment Coach

Empowerment Coaching Training Coaching Practicum Excellence In Coaching Certified Empowerment Coach

Your Coaching Journey…

Begins with learning a process and set of skills.  As you apply and
practice those skills, coaching becomes a discipline
and then evolves into a way of life.

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